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Hot Wife Story 2

Download Hot Wife Story 2 and fuck sexy wife in the ass

The Hot Wife Story 2 is an interesting sex game full of adventures and mysteries. It is a great alternative for the people who love erotic adventure games. Here you will find a lot of adult content and spicy sex scenes. Interact with girls and boys you meet, talk to them and flirt. The next scene depends on the choices. Think what to do next to achieve your goal. Download Hot Wife Story 2: Remastered and try to figure out how to behave in the company of cartoon girls.

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Hot Wife Story 2 is a colorful game with porn scenes and interesting plot. Play as Richard and have a good time in the night clubs. Meet your friends there, talk to strangers, flirt with other girls and look for sex opportunities. Spend the most erotic time of your life next to your beautiful sexy hot wife. Do you think she will be jealous when you go to the bathroom with slutty babe? If you want to fuck some fresh pussies you need to do this wisely. Buy some drinks and flirt with sexy whores. Some of them wait to be hunted by handsome guy with a hard cock in his pants. Download Hot Wife Story 2 the Lesson of Passion game to learn more about the sexual life of hot wives.

All the choices have an impact on the future action and relationship with your sexy hot wife. Do you feel ok when she leaves the dance floor with a handsome playboy? Is she able to cheat on you in a dark alley? Follow her and check what she does or use that time to lick some wet pussies in the public bathroom. Make some girls hot enough to give you a deep blowjob and let them fuck hard. The flash game offers a lot of different endings. All of them depends on choices made during the Hot Wife Story 2. Think wisely before you answer the question, predict how girls act when you are polite, check what happens when you are rude asshole. Download Hot Wife Story 2 and see possible ends.

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